My life:

Well my life began a long time ago in a small town in Taranaki, New Zealand. The town was called Hawera and from that point onwards it was to be the place I was born in. After a few years I was transported to New Plymouth which became my childhood town and the location of many adventures and fun times. It was also where I started to get an appetite for a taste of living and adventure.  I underwent most of my academic education in this medium sized costal town, discovered alcohol and even girl's until moving down to Christchurch to undergo the University experience. By this time I had picked up a few hobbies including mountain biking, skiing, hiking, swimming and building cars.

After my time at university I then returned back to my home town of New Plymouth to earn some money and begin my career.  Its also where I picked up windsurfing and diving. After a while lifestyle got tedious and my curiosity became dominate and I then fled New Zealand and started my travels around the world.

This is where this website comes in. This site covers the sights and wonders of my travels around the world and I hope adequately passes on some of the wonderful things I have seen and experienced so far.

I am now working and living in Perth Australia. The Mountain biking and snowboarding is a bit thin on the ground but in its place there is heaps of fishing and diving as well as great winds. The perfect place to start Kite Surfing. I am also continuing to travel. At least until there are no more pages in my passport. The problem is the more you travel and more difficult it is to stay in one place. Every new country new visit brutally educates you on the simple fact that what you have seen so far is nothing to what awaits you around the next corner.